Reset / Delete magento category / products by SQL for magento version 1.7

I was writing a bulk category/product import script for magento 1.7. For debugging I had to frequently clear all the erroneous data inserted while coding and run my script again and again. Searching for an easy solution I came into this magento wiki that has the queries to delete all the products and categories for […]



Inegrate Assembla Git on Windows Machine Issue – Solved

We use assembla as our git repository. Initially LINUX or MAC machines gave us no trouble syncing with assembla. But when we tried on windows machines, it was not working somehow. Spent many hours “googling” and found everybody have their different ways of doing it using puttygen and many other different tool. None worked for […]

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Magento – related products not showing

While playing with magento, I was stuck in related products section. I added couple of products, and tried to add related products to one of these products. I added 5 related products but on the front end only 3 was showing. So here is the places where I searched to fix the problem: First of […]


Install php scripts as cron in Windows

Linux has it’s very unique and beautiful feature “cron” that allows us to execute a program at a predefined schedule. For LAMP developers cron is a very common feature that we use very frequently. But many time lots of developers who recently have hosted their php code in Windows servers, face difficulty setting up their […]

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Single Barclaycard EPDQ account to work for multiple domains

Few days back I had to integrate EPDQ CPI for 2 domains where the client wanted to use their existing EPDQ account for both domains. The problem integrating EPDQ for multiple domains is, EPDQ allows one url for each account called “Allowed URL” that is the allowed url to POST requests to EPDQ; and also […]

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Mysql function to soundex match a word in a multi word string

soundex is a very useful mysql function when we try to compare 2 words if they sounds similar. Here is the official manual for the function. Soundex is pretty easy to use when we are comparing 2 words. For example, check the following query: select if(soundex(‘Rösle’)= soundex(‘rosle’), 1, 0); It’ll return 1 as both the […]

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Hover effect on input element in IE6

If you have ever tried to put a hover effect on any input element (submit, button etc) using css you must have faced the problem when you tested on IE6. Generally following is the css code we use to add the hover effect: input.inputClass{background-color:#cccccc;color:#000000;} input.inputClass:hover{background-color:#000000;color:#ffffff;} This would change the background color and text color of […]

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Back to my world after long

Childhood, originally uploaded by Lazy Fellow.

Have been too busy with family activities and completion of my MBA. At last the marathon family programs have been ended and the MBA(YAHOO!!!!) as well.

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Simple Javascript Validation for Checkbox

There are times when we need to add javascript validation to check if at least one of a group of checkbox options has been checked. Here is a simple function that’ll solve the problem and works in most of the browsers. <html> <head> <title>Imran’s checkbox validation</title> <script language=”javascript”> //frm is the form element function checkForm(frm){ […]