Zend optimizer installation problem

Sometime we find that after successful installation of Zend optimizer, php seems do not find it.
I have found a common problem that people usually face while installing zend optimizer in a linux server. While installing, Zend optimizer asks for the directory location of current php.ini file. It comes with a default value like /usr/local/Zend/etc (may be other, depending on the system environment) which is not always correct. Whenever we install Zend optimizer, we should carefully enter the correct value, otherwise it will not work properly even though Zend will say it has been successfully installed.

How to find the location of php.ini?

In your webroot directory (ie. /var/www/html/htdocs) create a php file and write the following:


Access the page in a browser and search for “Loaded Configuration File “. It’ll show you the path to the loaded php.ini file.
Copy the directory path (excluding php.ini) and paste that when Zend Optimizer asks for php.ini path. That’s it. Your Zend optimizer will be installed without any problem.
After the installation is done and apache is restarted, refresh the phpinfo page in browser. Search for “Zend Optimizer” and you should find it.


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